Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Looking into the The Holy Moly

We are excited to be here in Clarksdale, Mississippi!  Last weekend we had a great visit with family in Memphis and then settled into this Clarksdale apartment (which required a couple of trips to Wal-Mart), yesterday we sorted out our cell phones, picked up keys & documents, etc., and today we are looking for more fun!  

We will be happy to show our friends the inside of The Holy Moly Masonic Temple, as soon as we are a bit more settled in there ourselves.

There are three shops in the downstairs section of The Holy Moly.  We got to see the right-hand shop inside for the first time yesterday.  It has been a storage/mancave for a long time Delta Gentleman, and it was an early site for the works of the dynamic duo responsible for the creative output of "Delta Debris," two local multitalented recycler types.

Inside the shop, a lot of the old fixtures still exist (like the pressed metal ceilings), and some very cool early-flouro fixtures.  We learned from local arts identity Randall Andrews, that the shop was once a record store, and the private listening booth was still there.  It's like a roomy telephone booth.  Might be nice with a bathtub and a new sound system installed.

The shop is full of unfinished restoration projects, old faded treasures and delta debris-debris, the stuff that hasn't, as yet, found its new home. Sort of like lost puppies waiting for new owners.
Later this week we will get a glimpse into the old Haggards Drug store, the left-hand shop, now closed but with a bunch of stuff still needing to be sorted.  Hope we find a soda fountain :-} and an ice cream sundae counter.  That would make the rebuilding of this place as easy as! :-}