Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jacqui Olver

Our dear friend, Jacqui Olver, has made several trips from Australia to the U.S.A. to visit us and offer help with The Holy Moly project.

Carla, Jacqui, and Adrian
Tasma House and Gardens
We love and appreciate her for what she does to boost our spirits when we are feeling low and for simply being herself, doing what she does best: inspiring, teaching, promoting, experimenting, traveling, singing, inventing, consulting, caring, sharing, questioning, laughing, and helping others, enjoying life wherever she is! Thank you for all that, Jacqui!

Jacqui pitched-in and helped run The Holy Moly Drug Store, sharing her expertise and experience, during the Juke Joint Festival in April 2015. We certainly needed her help, as we had an eight-hour sales line-out-the-door situation, selling yummy ice cream desserts and espresso coffee & milkshakes. We couldn't have kept up with the customers and their orders, without her help! Good memories!!

Our most recent visits with Jacqui at Tasma House in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia, and at The Holy Moly in Clarksdale, Mississippi, have resulted in Adrian having a whole new wardrobe of knitted items! He isn't saying goodbye to the overalls, just yet, but Adrian has been sporting around in his new v-neck vests and a cardigan that Carla knitted under Jacqui's tutelage. During visits, Jacqui teaches Carla how to knit and construct garments. She is a great teacher!

Jacqui teaches Carla to knit at The Holy Moly.
Spring, 2016 (USA)

We have lost count on how many trips Jacqui has made to the Mississippi Delta and other places in the U.S.A., but we are certain that she loves her visits. 

Jacqui seems to enjoy the Mississippi Delta!

We love having her around, too, on both sides of the globe -- doing what she does best: inspiring, teaching, promoting, experimenting, traveling, singing, inventing, consulting, caring, sharing, questioning, laughing, and helping!

We love to hear Jacqui sing with friends!

Adrian went back to Australia with a
new knitted wardrobe, thanks to
Jacqui's knitting lessons!
Spring 2016 (AU)

Friday, June 10, 2016

Phil McNamara

Australian, Phil McNamara, our friend and Table Hill bandmate, is here at The Holy Moly as our guest Artist-in-Residence. 

Phil is becoming a fun part of Clarksdale's endearing, artistic, culture, as he shares his original Americana music and poetry which he creates here in the Mississippi Delta.

Recently, we took a road trip together, up to Mountain View, Arkansas. We shared with Phil part of the "dulcimer world" which brought on the Kosky & Maxwell friendship nearly ten years ago. Good road trips bring great memories! Our "dulcimer world" brings on all kinds of good things!! 

Currently, Phil is on his third road trip, discovering parts of America that we haven't explored. 

We're waiting on reports from the road and new pieces of poetry by Phil McNamara -- yet to be performed, as The Holy Moly project evolves.

Robin Lane and Phil McNamara on the road!

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Holy Moly Drug Store Story

The Holy Moly Drug Store (owned by Adrian Kosky and Carla Maxwell), at the corner of Third and Issaquena, was housed in what was Haggard Drugs for many years. It had "prescriptions for the pursuit of happiness" and the "fixin's for your addictions" in the form of ice cream treats, great coffee, milkshakes, malts, floats, and delicious fast food. The Holy Moly Drug Store was a one-of-a-kind business, combining nostalgia, hospitality, and good wholesome fun and, of course, ice cream.

There were many soda fountains around Clarksdale (3 within walking distance of The Holy Moly Drug Store), back in the day.  They closed in the 60's. Apparently, they were well-loved meeting places for all ages, but they closed due to a shrinking population and because big companies provided their products in stiff competition with local businesses.

Owners, Carla Maxwell and Adrian Kosky, chose to bring back to life the old-fashioned ice cream parlour soda fountain of a bygone time.  They mixed up their own syrups for fountain drinks and modified them to their customers' taste.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Adrian has a Green Card!

We have returned to Clarksdale. Adrian's green card was waiting for him when we arrived!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Doing Business Downunder

We are in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia, for the next couple of months, taking care of our group accommodation business and catching up with family & friends.

It feels good to know that coming and going between Australia and the U.S.A will be a bit easier, now that Adrian has permanent resident/green card-holder status.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Holy Moly Theatre

The Holy Moly Theatre is coming to life. It now has the look of a simple/elegant venue, ready for chairs, tables, entertainers and audiences.  Adrian and I had fun checking the sound and feel of the room.  We are looking forward to opening the The Holy Moly Theatre and the Temple of Treats in January/February 2015.

There are three stages in the theatre. We will create entertainment that combines live music, story-telling, and film.

Here's a look at the main stage:

Here's Adrian testing the look & feel of stage two, the story-telling stage:

Stage three has a huge wall that will be perfect for video presentations.  Here's a video that shows the look from the opposite side of the theatre:

Friday, September 5, 2014