Friday, June 10, 2016

Phil McNamara

Australian, Phil McNamara, our friend and Table Hill bandmate, is here at The Holy Moly as our guest Artist-in-Residence. 

Phil is becoming a fun part of Clarksdale's endearing, artistic, culture, as he shares his original Americana music and poetry which he creates here in the Mississippi Delta.

Recently, we took a road trip together, up to Mountain View, Arkansas. We shared with Phil part of the "dulcimer world" which brought on the Kosky & Maxwell friendship nearly ten years ago. Good road trips bring great memories! Our "dulcimer world" brings on all kinds of good things!! 

Currently, Phil is on his third road trip, discovering parts of America that we haven't explored. 

We're waiting on reports from the road and new pieces of poetry by Phil McNamara -- yet to be performed, as The Holy Moly project evolves.

Robin Lane and Phil McNamara on the road!