Saturday, May 18, 2013

Catching Up -- Currently in Clarksdale, Mississippi

We have a bunch of blogging up to do!  

We are half-way through this current stay in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  Having a blast, just living our day-to-day life in the Delta.  

Adrian is happily playin' the blues in front of Roger Stolle's Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art store today.  Thank you, Roger, for this photo shared via facebook.  

Later, we will post another blog entry to catch everyone up with the progress of the facelift that The Holy Moly is getting.  There is a lot to report and much progress is being made with help from the helpful hands of a Clarksdale company appropriately named "Helpful Hands."  Instead of thousands and thousands of words, here are a few photos and videos related to what we have seen and what we have been doing since we arrived in Clarksdale (a few days before the Juke Joint Festival in April).  

We watched monkeys riding dogs herding sheep.
We have had fun at the New Roxy -- in pouring rain and in bright sunshine.
We watched the filming of Moonshine and Mojo Hands at the New Roxy.
We visited the Juke Joint Chapel with reverence to all that is good about Clarksdale.
We have seen Aussies all over Clarksdale!
We have enjoyed watching the Shack Up Inn's growth and busyness.
We discovered all sorts of yumminess at the wonderful Western Hibachi Buffet that includes Chinese, Japanese AND soul food!
We have artwork and photos of friends & family on the fridge.